How to get unstuck [using just your thoughts]

Have you ever noticed that what you focus on grows? 

Like when you buy a new car you suddenly see that type of car everywhere? 

Or you're thinking about an ex and all of sudden you think you're seeing them in the shopping centre, on the sidewalk and even in your dreams?

I always work on thought processes with my clients because this is one very conscious way to shift our point of focus. 

But how does this work? 

Our brains receive more stimuli than they can functionally process.

Stimuli from our eyes (oo there’s a plain, there’s my lover, someone is in my way..), our skin (these pants feel nice on my skin, ouch! That paper cut hurt), our ears (music, that plane flying overhead, that dripping tap, ticking clock..), our noses (someone farted! yuk!), then there’s the inner working of our bodies and all the messages being transmitted to ensure it’s functioning. 

Basically. There’s a lot of activity. 

So, our subconscious mind filters out what we don’t need to focus on. What is not important. Otherwise we would be overwhelmed with stimuli and unable to function. 

What makes something ‘important? Whether or not it is a potential threat, or if we have deemed it important according to our belief systems and programming.

But we can shift this up quite rapidly by consciously choosing what we focus on.

Let me give you an example:

 Take a moment to look up from your screen and around the room. 

Now, what was the most dominant colour you saw in your scan of the room? 

Cool. So now I want you to think about the colour green.

Emeralds, green grass, green leaves on the trees… 

Now take another scan of the room. 

More green this time right? Because you told your brain (well I did…) to search for green. 

Our brains have a way of looking for more of what we want it to focus on. 

So… let’s bring it back to ‘what you focus on grows’. 

The more you focus on your problems - how lost and stuck you feel for example, the more your brain will find more ways that you can feel stuck and lost. 

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” —Albert Einstein.

So we need to use a different kind of thinking, purposeful thinking and we can change our situation with our thoughts alone.

A solution kind of thinking. 

Shift your focus to - what would you prefer your life to look and feel like? What would it look like if you were free and life was flowing? 

As you think about these questions, your brain will scan your environment and your life for examples of how everything is working and flowing for you. 

The more you think about how everything is working for you… the more examples will show up in your life to prove everything is working. 

If you want some help shifting your focus and creating a more fulfilling, free-feeling, happy, joyeous and creative life?I’m here to help. 

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Life's short, be bold. 


Katrina Hahling