This is your permission slip ::: Take Bold Action Today.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, or permission… 

If you’ve been waiting until you’re ready or until you know more or you’ve got your PhD… 

Please know that what you’re waiting FOR, you’re waiting WITH and there will be no forward momentum until you take action.

And it’s not until you take bold action that the universe can respond to you and give you the answers you desire. 

So stop waiting. 

Because it’s weighing you down. 

Start taking action, however small, toward making your dream reality. 

Want to be a writer? Find a publication you’d like to be featured in, set a date for two weeks time, read their guidelines and get writing. 

Want to start a business?Check the concept by pitching the idea to someone in the field. Get some feedback. Create a prototype or package list. 

Don’t know what you want? Shift your focus from ‘I dont know what I want’ to ‘I want to know what I want. What is it that I enjoy? And go do what you enjoy. In this state of actively enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll be presented with more of what you enjoy. 

Time’s up, no more waiting. 

If you’re ready to take BOLD ACTION, I’m here to hold your hand. Book in for a complimentary clarity call today.

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Life’s short, be sassy. 


Katrina Hahling