Katrina Hahling

katrina hahling

Your Purpose + Self-Worth Coach


Hi I’m Katrina…

I work with women who want to be connected with their life’s purpose, their big work in the world. 

I create the space and opportunity for my clients to finally admit their big dreams to themselves (and the world) then we work on building the confidence, self-belief and self-acceptance to make those dreams reality. 

We start working on the business, writing the book, starting the charities and organisations that provide deep, meaningful work and satisfaction my clients have always dreamed of.


I’m here to:

  • Make your life easier

  • Save you tons of money 

  • Build your self-worth 

  • Expand your self-trust

  • Shift your perspective on the life and work you are worthy and deserving of

  • Help you make your dream work your career

  • Get you into alignment with your SOUL


While working with Katrina, little by little, my life fell into place.

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I believe:

If you have a secret dream, a calling - you need to follow it in order to expand


You are worthy and deserving of getting paid to do what you love and for being you


You deserve to do work that lights you up 


That if you feel like there is more for you, there is 


You’re here to do big work in the world, and the world needs you to do that work. 


YOU need to do your big work in the world to become who you’re supposed to be in this world. 


My business is starting to move and I can see now why I needed to learn to truly look after myself properly and truly let go of the guilt of my rest/recover time

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I love working with:


Freedom is your highest your value. 

You want to work when you want, how you want with who you want - on your schedule. 


Whether you own it or not yet, you’re a creative. You love the arts, reading books, writing, independent films, music and the theatre. You see life, and the world a little bit differently from other people. 


You’re a doer. A hardworker, a striver. You thrive on getting shiz DONE! 


You learn on the job, you’re hands on and you just HAVE A GO. 


My story ( why I do this) :

 I remember being asked at 12 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up. I panicked. I didn’t know.

That question plagued me for almost 20 years. ‘I don’t know’ became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I jumped from degree to degree, job to job.. my resume still makes my heart cringe!

I desperately wanted ONE THING. My purpose, my life’s work. The one thing I couldn’t NOT do. A calling. But what the hell was it? Even when I was on the right track and beginning to build my coaching practice… I was so shy, scared and didn’t believe that I knew enough, was smart enough, would be good enough to do it.

I spent years and thousands of dollars uncovering my one thing and I want to help you figure yours out in less time and spending WAY LESS MONEY. Through simple strategies I’ve learned over time, I’m so happy to be helping other women figure out their purpose and live a life of freedom, passion and fulfilment. 

Because I believe we are all here for a purpose and we are all worthy and deserving of creating a lifestyle around our purpose that drives, inspires and uplifts us.