Why Saying "no" will garner MORE RESPECT ...

Ahh… saying no can be scary can’t it?

“What if they are hurt?”

“What if they don’t ask me next time? “

“What if they won’t like me saying no and not like ME?”

FEAR OF REJECTION is a core fear when we say YES to things and really mean NO.

What the video below for my tips about why saying NO will garner you more respect AND more invitations.

Short video break down:

  1. Saying no to what is not important to you or what you just can’t fit into your schedule means that you only say ‘YES’ when it is a full 100% yes. People will respect you for this and ask you again because they know you are HONEST.

  2. Saying no to what is not important to you allows you to do more of what IS important to you

  3. Are you a YES PERSON? Meaning you say ‘yes’ and are excited about it before you even think about how this will work? HOT TIP: Say, ‘ooo I love the sound of that, can I think about it and get back to you?’ Then take it away, think about it, does it align with your values? Does it fit into your schedule? Reply accordingly from a space of calm and thoughtful

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With heart,


Cover Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Katrina Hahling