Why have a morning routine?

Ahh... the morning. 

Honestly, I adore mornings! 

I love being up early,  when the  house is quiet. Using this time to give myself what I need before anyone else is awake. 

My personal routine, on an ideal day, looks like the following: 

// Yoga on the deck in the sun

// Meditation in savasana

// Journaling



Here's three reasons why a morning routine is so important:

1. Give to yourself first

I mention this in the video. If we wake up and the first thing we do is answer emails, jump on facebook and feed the kids. This is an energetic statement "everyone else is more important than me." 

Switch your phone to flight mode. Give yourself five minutes to an  hour of YOU TIME. Give to yourself first before you turn to the rest of the world.


2. A morning routine sets you up on the right foot for a productive day

We all know what it's like getting out of the proverbial wrong side of the bed. Morning routine's set us up in good stead for the day. So  you can turn that mood on it's head immediately and have a positive, productive day. 


3. Reducing the amount of choices you make in a day, reduces mental fatigue

Mark Zuckerburg (CEO of facebook) wears the same thing everyday. Why? To eliminate mental fatigue. 

At the beginning of everyday we only have so much mental capacity and willpower. 

Eliminating choices by having your clothes already picked and the first 5-90 minutes of your day planned out actually lengthens and strengthens your mental capacity  - meaning less fatigue. 

Personally, I feel less anxious, less stressed and more positive , more productive on days  I get up early and complete my routine

If you need some help with a morning routine, why not check out the book, 'Miracle Morning,' by Hal Elrod.

With heart, 


Katrina Hahling