What treasure are you hiding?

"Whenever there is a strong lock used there is something extremely precious hidden. The thicker the veil, the more valuable the jewel. A hoard of treasure is guarded by a large snake; do not dwell on the hideousness of the snake, contemplate the dazzling and the priceless things you'll discover in the treasure." ~ Rumi 


Where do you hide?  

What do you shy away from?  

Where do you lie?  

What do you keep hidden behind a strong lock?  


Could it be your greatest treasure, your greatest gift is kept behind the locked door inyour mind?  


We all crave to really be seen. Seen for who and what we are. Light, dark and every shade in between.  


You know what I mean.  

You've been hurt too.  

Someone, once, told you to be quiet.  

Stop doing that. We don't say those things.  

So you shut up.  

You tucked parts of yourself away.  

Behind closed doors.  

Maybe even chains and locks.  


I've done it too.  

We all have.  


But imagine if what Rumi wrote is the truth?

What if our greatest treasure is hidden behind the greatest locks?

What have you locked away?  


Join me for Words, Worth & Luminosity to explore this concept in depth.  


Class starts August 27.

(image from Pinterest... "Sublimation" by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Katrina Hahling