Feeling pain and all your writing efforts aren't working?

So you've been waking up lately feeling, to put it bluntly, shit. 

Not like you're sick or anything just down. 


Down and out. 

Heavy hearted... 


You take out your journal, thinking, 'this will help.' 

You scrawl some lines. 

You scrawl some more. 

You try gratitude because you watched a YouTube video once that promised you gratitude would shift your attitude. 

It doesn't work - you still feel like crawling under a rock. 

You get fed up. Chuck the pen down. 

Move to the couch.  

Wanna know why your why your journaling isn't helping? 

It's lacking HONESTY. 

One of the core tenets of successful journaling (when I say successful I mean: it's healing, fulfilling and leaves you with a sense of knowing) is HONESTY. 

If you can't be completely honest, if you are obscuring your language, if you are hiding from yourself, you are DECEIVING YOURSELF. 

Betraying yourself. 

Your journaling won't work. 

It won't heal you, it won't help you. 

No one comes to save you, but you. 

But you gotta show up. You have to be honest. 

I just watched a video by Brene Brown on Vulnerability.  If you aren't being honest in your journal, you aren't being vulnerable. Your putting up walls. 

If you're afraid someone else will read it - hide it. 

If you're afraid someone else will read it - burn it afterwards.

Do what you need to be completely open, honest and vulnerable. 

Or it just won't work. 

With heart, 

Katrina xo

Image from: https://theflowmarket.com/collections/english/products/honesty

Katrina Hahling