Did you ever have a favourite dress...

  you know... that one dress you just ADORED and wanted to wear allll the time? But of course, it wasn't an every occasion dress so there were only certain times you could wear it. 

But when you did, boy did you love it! You felt comfortable, confident, completely who you want to be.

Then all of sudden, one day, the dress didn't feel right anymore? Like when you were a child and you had grown out of clothes, except, this time your size or weight hadn't changed at all... 


It was something within you that had changed that made the dress feel off. 

So, the dress gets retired and you hit the shops searching for a new one. 

A new dress to match your current head space, to match your current inner world, one that more accurately represents how you feel and how you want to feel. 

Did you ever feel like that? 

Maybe not about a dress about another item of clothing? 

I certainly have. 

I've also recently felt like this in my business. 

There's been a lot of internal change going on in my reality lately and I started to feel like the name The Heart of Journaling was like that dress -- it was time to be retired. 

It's time to step out from behind the camera, from behind names and from behind my hair (yep, I cut my hair off!). 

Sometimes internal changes need to be reflected by external changes. 

You'll soon see everything from emails to my website flicking over to katrinahahling.com and my FB group changing over to Flow Writers --- more on Flow Writing next week! 

The content will still be the same, just getting more streamlined and standing out. 

I hope you'll stay along for the ride! 

I'd also love to hear what changes are happening in your life right now,

Hit reply and let me know...

Always with heart, 


Katrina Hahling