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Reconnect; The Journey

Six weeks to quit People Pleasing + putting everyone else first

Six weeks to  Connect deeply with your true Desires, Needs & Wants


Want to quit people pleasing and seeking external validation for good? 

Want to rid yourself of that tight knot in your chest? 

You can live the life you dream of; waking up feeling good about yourself day after day.

It's all up to you. 

You get to choose.

I know what that knot feels like. I know what it feels like to wake up everyday feeling like a flowering frangipani tree in the middle of winter (bare). Feeling squashed. Knowing I have great potential but absolutely exasperated as to where to begin.

That's exactly why I poured my heart, 15 years of lessons, self-help, self-study, yoga, online courses and journaling into creating this six week program. So YOU don't have to suffer and struggle the way I did for as long as I did. I'm so so excited to share this course with you. It's literally ALL of the greatest tools I had to dig and uncover in order to feel GREAT about who I am and what I do.

let's unravel that knot in  your chest so you can feel freer, happier + more peaceful

when you sign up you'll receive literally every single tool that helped me the most on my journey from scarcity (not enough) to abundance (i am enough)


what you get; 

  • A personal care package


You'll get -- via snail mail -- a brand new journal, two essential oils (of your choice) and The Flow Writing Source Book (the foundation tools of the course). 

  • 3 x 1:1 Flow Session (60 mins)

    Let's connect

Personalised 1:1 coaching with me. We'll connect in with your values and deepest desires in the first week and I'll keep you on track and focused to get where you want to be by the end of the six weeks. 

  • Community

    Because everything's better together

You'll get access to a private Facebook group just for the girls journeying with you. Share your wins, your aha moments PLUS access all the weekly content.

  • Course work

    Let's create change together

The course workbooks will be dropped into your inbox on a weekly basis. These will be backed up with Weekly Guided Entrance Meditations, Weekly livestreams in the FB group and journal prompts. 

  • Topics

    We'll cover...

Your past & your life timeline

Reconnecting with yourself, your values, needs & wants


Healing relationships

Boundary setting - learning to say no

My 4 Step Change Process ( to change the parts of your life that you don't like)

The Cycles & Patterns Theory - How to ID and Clear negative cycles and patterns in your life

Anchoring Positive Memories using your Essential Oils & Your Journal

Future Visioning (how to write your way to the future of your desires)

Acceptance (including some shadow work)

you have everything YOU NEED. 

Yup. Everything you need, you've got it. It's just a matter of reconnecting back in with YOU. It's about getting super clear on WHAT YOU WANT, HOW YOU WANT TO DO IT AND WHY YOU'RE  WORTHY OF HAVING IT. 

here's what other women are saying about working with me; 


While working with Katrina, little by little, my life fell into place. I landed not only one but two jobs, was able to buy the van I’d dreamed of, I moved out into my own place and became my own person. I also love writing poetry so I’ve started a Facebook page to share that. I'm really grateful for Katrina and the work she does.  

- Xanthe


Katrina has a way of letting you see situations from so many creative perspectives that each and every class was extremely healing for me. I never would have recovered from my anxiety so quickly if it wasn't for her class and the love and kindness she gives was an added bonus
- Michelle


It's time, choose you, TODAY.

Investment; $1400

Have some questions before you sign up? Let's get on the phone!


I'm all ears - let's connect on the phone for a 45 minute call. We'll get to the bottom of that knot in your chest. If I'm really honest, I believe we all know what we want to be doing and how we want to live. But, I also know (from personal experience) that it can be so covered up with anxiety, fear, shame and that little voice in your head telling you you aren't good enough. I also know, that YOU ARE good enough, YOU ARE worthy and I know I've pulled myself out of that trap and I want to help you do the same. Once we get to the heart of the heart of the knot in your chest, together we'll get to the heart of the heart of your deepest desires and align you with that so life is easier, life is more joyful, life is fun again.