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Self-Worth Sessions

$90 - 1 x 90 min session

$170 - 2 x 90 min sessions

$230 - 3 x 90 min sessions

Are you constantly at war with yourself? Your inner critic spurting a barrage of harsh, rude, black and white thinking that you just can’t stop and let’s face it, you kinda believe it.

Do you find yourself admiring talented, gorgeous women around you (and online) but everytime you have an idea or start a project you sabotage yourself, think yourself out of even starting or talk yourself into believing you need another ten degrees before you could possibly start?

Then the Self-Worth Sessions are for you. These are 1:1 coaching sessions with me where we focus Mastering Your Inner Critic so you can support yourself, feel confident, worthy and loveable. Most of all, so you can start PLAYING BIG and doing those big, creative, expansive projects that currently live in your head.


I feel like I’m in a nice flow and it feels great. 





Struggling with what direction to steer your life into ? Do you feel foggy, distant, disconnected? Like you wake up every day and feel unattached to everyone and everything.

You used to feel alive, ZESTY!, excited about life, waking up with a skip in your step.

But now you feel lost. Stuck. Frustrated. Going through the motions. You get up every day and go to work and do the same shit.

You know something’s off but you can’t figure out what’s WRONG.

The ALIGNED : ONE MONTH INTENSIVE is designed to RE-ALIGN YOU with your soul and your desires.

It’s a course re-direction - it’s an intense 1:1 month with me to figure out what’s going wrong and instantly shift that.


Called 1:1 : Uncover your soul purpose work


This is the ultimate program for the woman who wants MORE THAN JUST A JOB, more than being a mum, white picket fences, cleaning house.

You want your ONE THING, your passion, work that calls you and expands you. Work that uses your gifts in service to the world.

Just… one little problem with that… you have no frickin’ idea what the hell that is. If only you knew then you could pour all of your energy into it.

Instead you just keep trying new things, downloading ALL the personality quizzes, and you’ve googled ‘How do I find my Purpose?’ more than a couple times.

We will not only answer that question in three months, we will GET THE BALL ROLLING. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a business or a movement - we are going to get deep and dirty and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

Are you READY?


MAGNETISED: Attracting Clients Online


This is for the woman ready to turn her passions into profit.

If you’re feeling;

// frustrated in a boring job

// disengaged and disconnected with life

// craving for MORE from work and life = including more $$$ into your bank account

In three months together we’re going to get you BUSINESS-READY… scary? Yes. Worthwhile? 100%

This one is not for the faint hearted. This is for the women who know what they want and now you need THE HOW.

We’ll work on building your following , your mindset, heartset and soulset. We’ll start calling in your PERFECT CLIENTS so you can turn your purpose and passion into profit.