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Called 1:1 Coaching Program


This is the ultimate program for the woman who wants MORE THAN JUST A JOB, more than being a mum, white picket fences, cleaning house.

You want your ONE THING, your passion, work that calls you and expands you. Work that uses your gifts in service to the world.

Just… one little problem with that… you have no frickin’ idea what the hell that is. If only you knew then you could pour all of your energy into it.

Instead you just keep trying new things, downloading ALL the personality quizzes, and you’ve googled ‘How do I find my Purpose?’ more than a couple times.

We will not only answer that question in three months, we will GET THE BALL ROLLING. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a business or a movement - we are going to get deep and dirty and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

Are you READY?



This is a delicious WEEKEND LONG INTENSIVE here on the sunny Gold Coast. We’ll stay in a beautiful house by the sea and do some deep diving work.

By the end of the weekend you will know yourself so damn well. You will have identified your core life purpose, you will start work on your CALLING. You will feel confident, worthy, successful, empowered and powerful.

You will have all the tools to help you build the life you have never even allowed yourself to dream of.

We’ll have a two hour call before the weekend so we can get directly to your needs in our time together.

You’ll have support from me for 1 month afterwards.

Are you ready to get moving ?


I feel like I’m in a nice flow and it feels great.