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Sass + Lip Sales

Where confidence & self-worth are born.

Do you want to know, like and trust yourself so you NEVER get into those icky situations you don’t want to be in?

Do you want to be the woman who TURNS HEADS when she walks into a room?

Do you want to KNOW that you are capable of whatever life throws your way and that YOU HAVE ALWAYS GOT YOUR BACK?

Are you ready to give yourself the attention you used to crave from others?

Are you ready to SAY NO to what is not aligned with you SO YOU CAN MAKE SPACE FOR MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE?

But you can’t get out of your head that, maybe, it’s not possible for you?

That little voice creeps again saying things like:

You’re not pretty enough to turn heads.

You couldn’t possibly do that.

Confident people are born that way.

You either feel worthy or you don’t.

You’ve been this way for years now, it would be so hard to change.


big dream (1).png

But what if it’s not possible?

What if you can’t change?

What if you get in your way AGAIN?

What if you fail?

What if you succeed?

What if you just aren’t good enough?


You did all the things you were supposed to…

The grades.

The job.

The savings account.

The man by your side.

But something is still up….



SASS + LIP : 6 weeks to incorrigible confidence & soulful self-worth.

Where confidence & self-worth are born.

Where you’ll learn how to have your back.

Where you’ll become the woman that turns heads.

Where you’ll believe that anything is possible for you.

Where you’ll have the courage to make your dreams your reality.

Where you’ll be kind to yourself.

Where you’ll push your comfort zone out wide.

Where you’ll be bold and brave.

Where you’ll have self-hood alongside sisterhood.

Give yourself permission to FEEL:::

A sense of freedom you’ve never known.

Wearing clothes that make you feel sexy + sassy.

Being lit up by everything in your life.

Being really clear on who you are and what you’re here for.

Listening and trusting yourself and knowing that you always know what’s best for you.

Like you’re living your life on purpose.

That you are the one in charge of your life.

Like you are you’re number one cheerleader and best friend.