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do you ever get that knot in  your chest?

That deep-seated feeling in your heart that something just isn’t quite right?

I used to wake up with that knot every single day. When I sat down to figure out what that knot was all about, I was stumped. I had a nice home, a lovely boyfriend, a job I rather liked and I travelled regularly. I was supposed to be happy and fulfilled.

But that knot just wouldn’t go away. Something was missing and my heart felt empty. I just couldn’t figure out why and then I would feel guilty that I was being ungrateful for what, on all accounts, was a pretty good lot in life.

Way too many women experience this on a daily basis so I want to share with you one of the core tools I used to go from being in a job I didn't like, winding up in relationships that were not aligned and always having a know in my chest to building a business I love, creating a steady, reliable and fun relationship and feeling like my life is fulfilling – every day.

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