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Just a few short years ago I moved back to Australia with no money, no boyfriend and no career. I was lost and had been for nearly two decades.

You see, I just really wanted to know my PURPOSE, my CALLING. To have work that was deeply meaningful to me while being of service to the world. I didn’t want a job that hated and to work 9-5 in an office all day long. Give me FREEDOM, ADVENTURE AND PASSION PLEASE!

I tried ALLLL THE THINGS: I studied Law, Business, Communications, Journalism. I got paid to do some crazy work:: write letters to kids from Santa, set up marquees for music festivals (tradie life), take photos and even cold calling and client surveys.

I did a whole of bunch unpaid work: living on a farm in Poland, building an outdoor kitchen outside of Helsinki, volunteering with sick kids.

I traveled furiously.

Nothing seemed to fit. Nothing was MY ONE THING.

It wasn’t until I learned the 3 secrets purpose I share in this training that my life came together and my big work in the world showed up.

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:: 3 vital tools to uncovering your purpose - and they're NOT what you think they’ll be!

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Hey babe! I’m Katrina Hahling, Purpose, Confidence & Self-Worth Coach.

I’ve made it my Mission to help creative, fun-loving, passionate women have the confidence and self-worth to show up and do their big work in the world.

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