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Testimonials for The Heart of Journaling

Before I started working with Katrina and journaling every week (if not every day), I was in a pretty low space. I was finding life in a foreign country, away from my family pretty challenging. I have big dreams and ideas for my life so I was pretty frustrated, battling depression and anxiety because my life here wasn’t what I’d dreamed it could be.
While working with Katrina, little by little, my life fell into place. I landed not only one but two jobs, was able to buy the van I’d dreamed of, I moved out into my own place and became my own person. I also love writing poetry so I’ve started a Facebook page to share that. I'm really grateful for Katrina and the work she does.


“Just wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me last year. My business is starting to move and I can see now why I needed to learn to truly look after myself properly and truly let go of the guilt of my rest/recover time. I feel like I’m in a nice flow and it feels great. Mwah! Thank you thank you thank you xxx”

- Ashleigh


I met Katrina at a workshop around a time when I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and the tools she shared have been invaluable for me. Now when I have trouble sleeping, I open up my journal and scribble away, even if it’s in the dark to let my husband sleep beside me. The hints and tips Katrina gives are really helpful and useful.

- Jenny

Before I started attending Katrina’s journaling classes, I was on a break from work and I was struggling with anxiety. I was working with a therapist and learning new tools to help me with that but the journaling was definitely a part of my recovery and my process to get back into the workplace.
I had never really written before or journaled, but it’s always amazing to see my thoughts on the page and realise that I’m not crazy. Usually my thoughts feel a lot less stressful when I see them on paper.
Katrina has a way of letting you see situations from so many creative perspectives that each and every class was extremely healing for me. I never would have recovered from my anxiety so quickly if it wasn't for her class and the love and kindness she gives was an added bonus

- Michelle