#LTFI Emotions Masterclass

Get a handle of your emotions so you can feel it and heal it TODAY!


Does it take you a little while to understand what you are feeling?

Do your emotions confuse you sometimes?

Do you wish you could just STOP being so emotional and just BE more often?

What about when your emotions get in the way of your work/relationships/life? Frustrating right?!

I’ve created this Masterclass and it’s all about LEANING THE EF IN. Hence, #LTFI - I’m not going to tell you what your emotions mean for you. You’re going to learn how to decipher that for yourself.

You’re going to learn lifelong tools to help you process, understand and learn from your emotions. Exciting right?!

In this 3 day email Masterclass you'll get my favourite tool to listen in, acknowledge and release emotions so they don't get stuck and turn into dis-ease.

You get to keep all the information so you can always refer back. 

Here’s the breakdown:



You'll learn;
// What are thoughts? What are emotions? What are beliefs?

// How our emotions, thoughts & physiology all impact one another.

// What happens when we suppress our emotions?

+ Video Class

+ Slideshow

+ Workbook & Journal Prompts

+ Entrance meditation

+ External resources for continued learning

I love that you given me a different perspective to look at my emotions – like thoughts – feel them and let them go. That is something I had never thought about before and I definitely related to many of those symptoms from emotion suppression. ~ Masterclass Participant!
Day (1).png

Now we get into the JUICY PART:

// My 4 step #LTFI Emotions Process

// Breath process

PLUS two process to change your emotion and instantly FEEL BETTER so you can get on with your day

// The Dialogue Journal Technique you can use for so many other purposes

+ Video Class

+ Slideshow

+Workbook & Journal Prompts

+ Extra resources for continued learning & research

Day (2).png

We'll go through FAQ's and What if's? Like;

// What if I'm feeling many things at once?

// What if I am at work/somewhere not appropriate to sit and deal with my emotions?

// What if I'm having trouble identifying how I'm feeling?

// What if the emotion persists after I've completed the process?

+Video Class

+ Slides

+ Workbook & Journal Prompts

+ Better feeling thought audio

+ Guided meditation

+ My Happy Playlist to elevate your Mood

+ One extra healing tool you can use today

Yep.  That's a whole lot of Value available to you for just $49 and you get to keep it for LIFE.

You get to shift your emotions as they come to you and through you. 


No more suppression. 


That means; less drinking, less avoidance, less binge eating


Want to add a personalised 1:1 Session so we can clear some past emotions and beliefs that have hidden dormant??? 


Only for those who sign up TODAY $79 for the course + 1 hour phone session with myself


I'm so excited to share all of this with you. 

This work has changed my life ; I don't know why we aren't teaching this in schools. 


I'm honoured to work with you 



Who is Katrina Hahling?

Katrina was a born people-pleaser, the baby of a family of four she learned the graceful art of not standing on any one’s toes and attempting to keep everyone happy from an early age. As a result, she spent most of her teens and early twenties misguided and lost. Most of the time she couldn’t even decide what she wanted for lunch, let alone the direction of her life. She’d spent so many years seeking external validation, trying to keep others happy that she wasn’t actually sure what her deepest desires were and how she should spend this one, precious life.

So she bounced from relationship to relationship, house to house, job to job, degree to degree without ever really committing to anything, without ever feeling truly connected to what she was doing. She just knew, deep down, that there was more for her. A bigger meaning, a larger pull… if only she could figure out what it was…

After 15 years of self-help, travel, reflection, journaling and studying Katrina reconnected with her childhood dream of writing. Since committing to writing and journaling for herself first, Katrina’s life unfolded with ease.

Now Katrina works as a Self-Worth Mentor helping creative women reclaim their MOJO and SELF-BELIEF so they can create thriving businesses and get on with being creating. This means Confidence, Clarity and Clients.

Still a bit hesitant and have more questions? Why not jump on a COMPLIMENTARY FLOW SESSION with me? It’s a 30 minute call where we can chat and get to know eachother - see if we’re a match to work together to build your CONFIDENCE, CLARITY AND CLIENT BASE.