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Journaling for Decision Making.png

So you’re sitting on the fence about a decision (big or small). It’s my personal opinion that fence sitting is one of the most painful and frustrating places to be.

I mean, your crotch is impaled, you can’t move in any direction. That’s no fun, right? It’s actually MORE PAINFUL, than making an actual decision.

However, I also know the weight that comes with making a decision.

You’re frustrated.

You’re scared (what if I make the wrong choice?)

You’re in stasis.

Cue: more frustration.

Cue: more fear (I’m not getting aware, I’m falling behind.)

You remain in stasis.


DOWNLOAD THE JOURNALING FOR DECISION MAKING PDF NOW, make a clear decision, get moving, get your MOJO BACK, move forward.

who is katrina hahling?


Hi! I’m so glad you found your way here, I’m Katrina and I’m a Self-Worth Mentor helping creative women get their MOJO back and BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES so they can create THRIVING BUSINESSES and get back to being the incredible creative they came here to be.

I know what it’s like to not know who you are.

To be so lost, so disconnected that I couldn’t even decide what to have for lunch, let alone what to do with my one precious life.

I always knew I had POTENTIAL. I’m smart, funny (at least to myself), curious, driven and I persevere.

It just took me a LOONGGGGG time to figure out how to express that potential in a way that was fulfilling to me but also of service to others.

But fuck! It was FRUSTRATING as hell figuring out how to BE ME and DO ME and live my one precious life in a way that is truly mine.


Then once I did figure it out - mentoring and coaching women - how the hell do you step into you soul and step out in front of the world and state what you are? Putting yourself out there - sharing your work, live videos, even photo shoots where I was looking at the camera - they were like pulling teeth in the beginning.

Now I know that these fears and doubts are entrepreneurial rights of passage and I like to help other creative women, holistic healers to jump through their own rights of passage so they can be successful and THRIVE.

Through 1:1 mentoring and online programs I help creative women to quit second guessing and judging themselves and get on with expressing and lining their businesses up so it brings them money for their artistic and healing work.

This is what I came here for: To learn how to love and accept myself and help other women do the same.

For when we truly love and accept ourselves, everything else in our life flows with ease and grace.

With heart, always,



Quit seeking external validation by reconnecting with yourself so you can make more empowered decisions