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Read on for more ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS & Better SEX....

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Read on for more ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS & Better SEX....

Katrina Hahling

Who wouldn't want more money and better sex, right?! 

Recently I've been doing a lot of journaling/mindset work around MONEY. For me, this work involves a lot of research too. I'm in the middle of reading two books on money, I've completed two short programs (online) on money mindset, and I'm on day 2 of a 3 day Alignment with Money Masterclass.

Yep, I'm calling it in.

All the money.  

What I didn't realise, until now. Is how interrelated MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS AND SEX ARE. 

While it sounds far fetched at first, when you sit down and think about it, this concept makes a whole lot of sense:



3. THE ROOT CHAKRA (ENERGETIC CENTRE IN OUR BODY) RELATES TO SEX, MONEY AND SECURITY - the same creative energy that generates our income, our homes, puts food on the table is the same that drives our sexual impulse, our erotic drive...


How do we block our energy off? 

When we hold on to things. 

When we hold onto emotions, hold on to grudges, it's more than emotional. Holding onto the emotions creates tightness in the body. This tightness eventually manifests itself as dis-ease (lack of ease in the bod.y this is something Louise L. Hay wrote about in her book, You Can Heal Your Life).

So, how can we let go of our emotions, let go of grudges, let go of pain, allow our energy to flow so we can receive more abundance and better sex? 

One tool that I have come across in my research that allllll money mindset coaches spruik is FORGIVENESS.

When we forgive, we release energetic blocks. We allow what is, to be rather than railing against it. As an example; if someone does you wrong and you hold onto that hurt you are blocking your energy. You are holding on. It's like you are carrying a stone for every hurt you have endured. We all endure a lot of hurts in our lives. That's a heavy weight to carry. 

It's time to release the stones. It's time to Forgive - and not only those who have done us wrong, but, most importantly, ourselves.

But, no one ever really teaches us HOW to forgive, do they?

Forgiveness is a fluid practice. It's not a one off choice or decision.  It is a somatic experience as well as a mental one. It is a choice and also a experience of the heart. 

So, how do we forgive? 

Here's one way that I practice forgiveness. 

1. Write a letter to the person, in the letter include; 

a. What you are sorry for

b. What you forgive them for 

c. What you love them for 

d. What you are grateful for about them/the experience 

(note: this is an extension of the Hawaiian practice Ho'oponopono pracitce)  

2. Visualise the person before you. Send forgiveness from your heart to theirs. If the tears come, let them flow.  Did you know tears are UBER HEALING? 

3. Forgive yourself for your participation in whatever the situation may be (visualise yourself before you and offer forgiveness)




Notice the release in your body as the days and weeks pass. 

Notice what flows in to you. 

Notice what abundance comes to you. (remember abundance can come on myriad ways and not always in the form you might imagine it).

Notice how your relationships improve.

Notice how you lighten up, loosen up. 

Above all, pay attention, be aware. Notice. 

Write your way to better sex, love and abundance,


Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash