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Grasping outwards

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Words, stories and prompts direct from my journal to you.


Grasping outwards

Katrina Hahling

We're all grasping

out towards something, someone;  

a relationship, a career, a job. 

a move, a house, a trip.  


What are we all moving AWAY from? 


Our worn, weary, anxious selves? 


Or the one thing that would cease the eternal outward clambering?  



Our deep inner lives.  


This external world is [can be]  




Travel. Surfing. Swimming. Hiking. Nature. 

This external world is not [doesn't have to be] 





Grasping at it for our happiness. 

Grasping [at this world] for our sense of self, 

Our sense of identity... 


This where suffering derives from


Suffering is believing that by being doing or having something [or someone] 

We will FEEL a certain way.

[happier than we are without it]


Suffering is realising on arrival that the thing we desired did not  

Make us FEEL that way


Suffering is the gap between beliefs and reality [what is]


The endless, eternal and SHIFTING, outward grasp. 


If we are lucky we learn tools.  

We meditate. 

We practice yoga. 

We hike. 

We make music. 

We laugh. 

We journal.  

We sit.  

We be.  

We spend time with our INSIDE PEOPLE.  


If we are lucky

we arrive at the knowledge that we are [exactly] where we need to be.  

And EVERYTHING [in this moment] is perfect.  

As are we.  


This doesn’t mean we do not exist in the external world.  

For it is always there.  

We always exist inside of it.  

Or, perhaps, it exists inside of us.


We just learn to act and not GRASP.  

We move from heart rather than being driven by fear.  


We do not expect externalities to;  





We learn to accept what is.  

We learn to accept ourselves.