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Stop!! When was the last time you did this???

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Stop!! When was the last time you did this???

Katrina Hahling

I went for a walk down to the beach yesterday. I'm lucky enough to live two blocks from the beach and there isn't much I love more than salty, sandy, warm summer days! 

Feeling the sun hot on my shoulders and stopping here and there to touch the blossoming frangipani's (which forever remind me of my childhood from their scent to their gnarled branches) I got to thinking. 

Walking always goes hand in hand with thinking doesn't it? 

I got to thinking about how I just bought into everything I was told as a kid. Be good, be nice, don't say that, do this. Get married, do well at school, get good grades, get a good job. You have to buy a property, you are only successful if you make X amount of money. Those people are rich people and we are not like them. Those people are black and they are dirty... 

All kinds of BS! 

And I just bought the lies. I believed for SO LONG that because someone was older than me, they were wiser than me. I believed in authority and I believed if you were a doctor it meant you were a good person, you would have vast amounts of knowledge. 

Well, it all came crashing down when my parents separated when I was 13. I think that's where I first began questioning. 

Questioning everything. Questioning marriage and why we enter into such an agreement? Why we are meant to be monogamous with one person for life when history shows it's not entirely in our nature? Why am I studying something I don't even enjoy? Why is that person more successful than that person when one is rich and unhappy and the other is 'poor' but always has a smile (genuine) on their face? 

When was the last time you questioned? 

When was the last time you pulled yourself up on your thoughts? Is that true? Really? What does it mean? Wher dit hat thought come from? Is it mine? 

Where did that belief come from? Is it even yours? Where did it come from? Do you still choose to believe it now? 

Get our your pen and paper and do some reflection... 

Before you end up living on AUTO PILOT and not a life on your own terms. 

Write your way,