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Better Questions, Better Answers

Katrina Hahling

Are you feeling stuck in a situation?

Stuck in a job you don't like? 
Stuck in finding your true purpose?
Stuck in a relationship? 
Stuck in a rut?

Stop for a moment and examine the types of questions you are asking yourself...

Are they big questions? 
Are they useful questions? 
Are they helping you or hindering you?

Or are they more like...
Why do I always end up in jobs like this? 
Why am I always running out money? 
How come this is happening to me?

When we feel stuck, we also get stuck asking bad questions.
Stop for a moment and take the time to breathe in some new, bigger and bolder questions.

Like, what's the lesson in all of this? 
How can I serve right here where I am? 
What else could be possible? 
What's my ideal outcome?

See how much better these questions FEEL? <3

I believe we all deserve the life of our dreams. We just need to ask better questions so we stay in touch with our heart and soul and understand what it is that lights us up.

Love, Trini x

The Art of Self-Compassion

Katrina Hahling

This morning as I sat down to write my book, I thought of a poem I wrote years ago, when I was in the depths of my deep self-doubt. I went trolling through my google docs and began reading old online journals. 

As I exited a folder I saw folders for 2014, 2013, 2012.. I didn't open them but I knew what was in them. Photos from those years. Photos of my backpacking days and a lover I no longer speak to. A lover I had a strong connection with and strong sensory memories. 

At the same time a song was playing on my iPhone, that reminded me of a Ben Harper song, 'I will not walk alone.' A song I listened to while walking alone in the desert and crying. Purely because the song was so sad. 

Back here, in my lounge room in 2018 a tear formed in the corner of my eye. At first I clenched my face, took a deep breath (if only inhalations could take tears back too). 

I didn't want to cry. I wanted to write. 

I was already distracted. 

Then, I remembered what I always tell my clients and what I write about. 

It's important to feel. 

So I let the tears come. 

They weren't the really painful type. They didn't last long. They were an acknowledgement of times gone by - both good memories and bad. Grief for a time that will not come again. For a love who's chapters have morphed and changed. Nostalgia for a time that was different - not better or worse just different and I can no longer live in that time anymore. 

The tears, this moment of feeling, only lasted but 5 minutes and then I put my hand on my heart and thanked myself for allowing this moment of self-compassion. 

This, this is an art-form. This being kind and loving to ourselves. Allowing ourselves to feel and to be and the breathe into the ever-changing current of our lives. 

If you need help, that's what I'm here for. To hold your hand as we navigate life and it's ups and downs - that's being human. 

With love, 




Photo by Alina Miroshnichenko on Unsplash


Katrina Hahling

I just realised today it's nearly half way through the year already?! It's nearly the end of financial year here in Australia. How crazy is that? 

Time just seems to fly by. 

Especially when there's so much going on; mouths to feed, children to shuffle to and from school, businesses to run, work to be done, clothes to clean and on and on and on the list goes. 

It's so easy to let time for ourselves - you know that giving to ourselves stuff - slip away from us. Especially as women we tend to put others first and work harder and speak more kindly when it's anyone else but us. 

We've all heard it before in myriad forms; 

"You have to fill your cup before you can fill anyone else's."

"Give to yourself first."

"You can't give from an empty cup."

on and on and on ....

We know it.


But how do we actually enforce this giving to ourselves thing first? 


Here's my one simple tip:




I don't care if it's 15 minutes a week or 5 minutes every morning. Schedule in YOU TIME. Make it time that you do something you LOVE that lights you up. It could be reading an inspiring book, journaling, yoga, playing with tarot cards, stair sprints, juggly, handstands, whatever floats your proverbial boat lady!

Whatever time you can fit it in. 

Write it in your planner, type it into your iphone calendar, set an alarm on your phone. Schedule it in like you would a coffee date with a friend and stick to it. Follow through. 


Prioritise yourself. 

You deserve it. 


With love, 


Trini x