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4 Myths about Purpose - BUSTED!

Katrina Hahling

There are a couple of Myths out there about what it is and means to find your soul purpose.

Here are three that I’d like to bust for you. Because when they busted for me, ‘shift happened’. (Thanks to Derek Rydall for that great pun!)

Myth #1 - your purpose has to be your job/career/vocation

Your purpose is to be you. In fact, Derek Rydall would say that it is everyone’s purpose in life to become the highest version of themselves.

I know that is going to baffle some of you in the throws and pain of wanting to find your purpose, your ‘one thing’. Like your friend who is a painter and all she  does (and wants to do) is paint. Like that other friend who is a Doctor and leaves and breathes medicine. Like your idols on social media who fell into travel blogging and now make money online.

Your purpose is not in a job/career or vocation (note: there’s a difference between the three and I’ll address that in another post) -  your purpose is to unfold, to peel back the layers of conditioning and roles you have played and to become you. To follow your heart’s content. To listen to the voice of discernment and heed it’s call.

That is when your vocation, your calling, your work in the world will become apparent.

Myth #2 - there is one job that will be your  purpose and this is what you must find

I remember trying on different career ‘hats’ and titles. Like Doctor or Teacher , Lawyer even. Here’s the thing about soul purpose work - the physical job or title could vary yet the core raison d’etre the root of the work that sustains and fulfils us might be the same. All the roles above, for example, are in service of others. If working with people is a value of yours you might choose any of these career paths.

So take the NOUNS OUT OF IT. Take the titles out. Focus on your nature, what speaks to you, the story your life has been telling you.

Myth #3 - finding your purpose is something external - outside of you

Your purpose is more like a way of being than a goal to achieve. Less of a striving doing thing and more of a peeling back the layers, being who you are kind of thing.

“I don't think of purpose as something we "find," I think of it as something we "are." Language is a limitation here, tempting us to think that our purpose is something separate from, somehow outside our being. As I see it, a human being is both a particle and a wave, both a noun and a verb.” - Marianne Williamson

So, how  can you go about being more of you?

Daunting question? Let’s get back to basics then, what do you like to do? What makes you happy? What brings you pleasure, no matter how small.. Do that. Be that.

Dr. Abraham Maslow argued:

“Recovering the self must, as a sine qua non, include the recovery of the ability to have and to cognize these inner signals, to know what and whom one likes and dislikes, what is enjoyable and what is not, when to eat and when not to, when to sleep, when to urinate, when to rest. The experientially empty person, lacking these directive from within, these voices of the real self, must turn to outer cues for guidance, for instance eating when the clock tells him to, rather than obeying his appetite…He guides himself by clocks, rules, calendars, schedules, agendas, and by hints and cues from other people.”

As Palmer insightfully put it:

“The soul is like a wild animal-tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, and yet exceedingly shy. If we want to see a wild animal, the last thing we should do is to go crashing through the woods, shouting for the creature to come out. But if we are willing to walk quietly into the woods and sit silently for an hour or two at the base of the tree, the creature we are waiting for may well emerge, and out of the corner of an eye we will catch a glimpse of the precious wildness we seek.”

One bonus myth that I recently learned is this:

MYTH #4 You have to continue seeking

If you have been on this search for a while now. You will be familiar with the need to seek. Seeking answers, seeking truth, seeking, seeking, seeking.

‘Seek and you shall find..’ the biblical phrase does go.

However, I invite you to become a FINDER. For if you continue to seek, perhaps you will never become someone who creates. Someone who assimilates information and turns it into knowledge and wisdom.

So truly learn. Truly listen. Truly integrate what you have learned from audio’s, classes, courses, books.


I urge you.

With heart, always,


It's safe for you to TAKE UP SPACE IN THE WORLD [a rant]

Katrina Hahling

It's safe to take up space in the world.

It's safe for you to speak up, say no, say what you really think and feel.

It's safe for you TO BE HERE. (on this EARTH, in that office, in that job, on the beach wherever the heck you are! You're SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! Shit you beat all the other sperm to the egg and you made it through the birth canal do you know the odds of that???!!)


It's safe for you to commit to and follow your dreams.

It's safe for you to be strong and empowered.

It's safe for you to create a life that is deeply meaningful to you and loaded with purpose and passion. IT'S WHY YOU BEAT ALL THE OTHER SPERM TO THE EGG IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I get sooo effin' frustrated when I see young women (in particular) playing small.

The ones who speak with a little wafty bird voice and every sentence ends with an upward inflection as though asking a question when not really asking a question.

The ones who stand with rounded shoulders.

The ones who let the man order for them at the restaurant and don't say a peep.

The ones who don't speak up and don't say no and don't say what they really think and feel.


Why?! Why it bothers me so. damn. much????

Because that used to be me.Heck,some days IT STILL IS ME. Why else would it frustrate me if it wasn't IN ME?

I've been that girl...

too scared to make a decision because it might not be the right one so I would let other people decide for me.

too scared to say no in case that ruffled anyone's feathers.

too nice to say what I really think and feel.

apologising for taking up space

apologising for existing in the way I hunched my shoulders, kept quiet, didn’t make a number of myself. ‘Be nice.’

Well, fuck that.

I want GIRLS AND WOMEN (myself) to stand in their power and say no when they mean no.

To speak up - in solid, weighty voices that mean business.

To stand tall - shoulders back and head up facing the world with courage, tenacity and pride.

To follow their dreams and hearts - to create movements, build businesses, change the world.

To have lots of money and have power of their money so they can create more, express more, help more, do more, be more.

and I'm on a mission to create this for myself and LEAD OTHER WOMEN HERE TO.

To a life of freedom, joy, empowerment, creativity and self expression.

It's a sisterhood thing. I rise - you rise. Just like the Rebecca Campbell's book RISE SISTER RISE. I'm here to champion you on.

I know you're here to champion me on too.


9 Ways to Reclaim Your Power today.

Katrina Hahling

A little note on power.

See, we tend to give our power away often, especially when we aren’t feeling great about ourselves. The problem with this is, the more we give our power away, the worse we feel about ourselves so the more we give our power away…. You see the cycle here.

Ways we give our power away;

// saying yes when we mean no

// people pleasing

// not standing up for ourselves

// playing the ‘victim’ - I don’t have enough money to do that, I’m not the kind of person who..

// we don’t ask for time off work when we need it

// we allow our calendars to be a mess of conflicting times

// knowing we know something but not sharing it

// wearing clothes that make us feel invisible/small/unseen

// spending money ruthlessly

There are loads more but those are a few examples.

Here’s another thing about power. Power is attractive. It’s magnetic. Power attracts money, clients, friends, lovers, opportunities.


How can you start to claim your power back?

  1. Set your alarm at least ten minutes earlier than usual; get up and start a positive morning routine. Give to yourself first, Fill your cup.

  2. Dress in ways that make you feel powerful, sexy, empowered.

  3. Have a haircut you love and learn how to deal with your natural hair - it took me years to nail curls

  4. Use positive affirmations as  mantras all throughout your day - look yourself in the mirror and even if they aren’t true - KNOW that they will be one day. You are literally thinking and speaking your future into reality. Plant positive seeds today.

  5. Exercise - your body loves to move and you will love yourself more for it. Find something that works for you - walking, yoga, surfing, dance class, aerial yoga, swimming. Try new things. Figure out what is for you!

  6. Meditate. I can’t stress enough the power of focusing your mind. That’s what meditation is. A practice in focusing your mind so you are in control not it. Remember, the mind makes a good slave but a terrible master.

  7. Keep your promises, especially to yourself. This is a biggie. We find it so easy to let ourselves down. Promise we will do something and then, because it’s ‘only us,’ when we don’t do them it’s ‘okay.’ IT’S NOT OKAY TO LET YOURSELF DOWN. Ever. We teach people how to treat us so if we are constantly letting ourselves down, we teach others this. Oh and, not to mention how bad it makes us feel and how this is a massive form of letting your power go. Keep your promises girlfriend.

  8. Do things that you love.

  9. Practice saying NO to people. Remember this when you are saying no - people will respect you more if you say no when you mean no. Because that means, they know that when you say YES - YOU MEAN IT and you will show up with your full being.

I could go on. This is a start.

Reclaim your power.

You are the only thing you have control over in your life. You have control over your thoughts, your actions, your words. So take control back. Master yourself and the rest will follow  - the money, the boyfriend, the children, the business whatever it is.

Master you first.


With heart, always,