A Note on Forgiveness

Hey babe!

I’ve been practicing more and more forgiveness through journaling rituals and meditations. Something came up for me that I dearly wanted to share, because if you follow my work, you might be doing this too.

When we do not forgive people or situations, it’s akin to taking poison. We hold this betrayal close to our hearts and use it as an excuse to build layers. Layers around our hearts that prevent us from living freely and fully expressed in the world.

We feel like we aren’t worthy and deserving of love or big success, of money or other joys and goodness in life.

Forgiveness is the practice of accepting what has happened, of taking the lessons and allowing the person or situation to no longer take residence in our hearts and bodies as a layer around our hearts. As a reason to not deserve the purposeful work, the deep and fulfilling life, and the money we desire.

As I was practicing forgiving people and situations, what really came up for me is that I harbour a lot of blame towards myself.

I have very few people I feel have harmed me or done lasting damage.

I, myself, hold myself accountable for many situations in my life that I didn’t handle with ease and grace. That I messed up. Boyfriends I’ve cheated on. Hearts I’ve broken. Meetings I didn’t show up for because I was hungover. Friendships I spoiled because I didn’t understand their sensitivities or I couldn’t say no so I had agree to show up to their party and another friends dinner at the same time and chose the dinner instead of them.

So many situations where I hold myself accountable. To blame. Where I name and shame myself. Reasons I put between myself and the freedom and joy I yearn to feel.

‘You don’t deserve to feel free and be happy. You hurt X,Y,Z and you did this, that and the other.’

That’s an actual subconscious program that was running for me.

I wanted to share because I think you might have a similar program running.

That you’ve made mistakes and messed up, that you’ve hurt people and therefore are unworthy and undeserving of your deepest desires.

This is not true.

We all hurt others and get hurt by others. We all mess up and make mistakes. It’s part of being human.

I now release you from the guilt and shame that layers your heart and prevents you from feeling how you really desire to feel : FREE, POWERFUL, CREATIVE, SUCCESSFUL, JOYFUL.

May you heart feel fully.

Life’s short, be sassy.


Ps. If you’d like to get your hands on my forgiveness practices - click here and send me an email.

Katrina Hahling