What if there's nothing wrong with you?

Hey babe,

One thing everyone in my audience has in common - whether you’re male, female, live in Australia or Great Britain. Whether you believe in Gay Marriage or don’t want to have kids or whatever the hell you believe - is this:

We feel like there is always something/s wrong with us that require FIXING.

Like there is some hole in us and once we fill that hole, then we’ll be happy/free/successful/joyful.

Now, I don’t blame you or myself for feeling that way. Because our society is designed to make us feel that way - so we buy things that people sell to fix ourselves or to fill the gap.

Today I invite you to ponder another thought.

What if, just for this moment there is nothing wrong with you? Nothing to change, nothing to fix and no where to strive to be.

How does that feel?

Joyful? Freeing? Assuring? Life affirming? Maybe even a little bit scary… because you’ve been holding on to the struggle for so long that, what if you don’t have to struggle anymore?

Mmm… delightful.

I’ve made a short, sweet meditation to help you get in touch with this feeling of wholeness and peace. If you’d like to get your mits on it - send me an email by clicking here and I’ll send the meditation your way.

Because babe, you are enough. Just the way you are. Once you can accept that, then you can create real change and impact in your life. Real expansion and growth.

I’m here to help us all experience that.

Life’s short, be sassy.


Katrina Hahling