Your Inner Wise Woman

Just like your Inner Critic, you also have an Inner Wise Woman. You just might have been under your Inner Critic’s spell for so long you haven’t heard the wisdom in quite some time.

How do you know your Inner Critic has been in charge? 

  1. You identify negatively with yourself. This shows up differently for us so you negative identification could show up in: 

    • Your working/professional life (striving, over-doing, proving yourself)

    • The mirror (disliking what you see and being negative)

    • Your relationships 

  2. You think/believe this negative voice IS YOU. You can’t seem to identify any other voices, this mean voice is ‘who you are.’

  3. Loud, irrational thought. The Inner Critic tends to be loud and bossy while Inner Wisdom is more quiet, guidance. 

This third point leads on to all the practices that remind us to be present, slow down and find peace and quiet. For me, the regular practice of yoga, meditation and journaling are all designed to quieten Rosie and amp up the wisdom of Antiqua. Antiqua is my inner wise woman. The one who is already where I want to be. Who is calm, peaceful, knowledgeable and wise. 

You have your own internal Antiqua. Your eternal guidance, compass and wisdom. The woman who has all the answers you will ever require.

If you’d like some help meeting her, join me for a Self Worth Session where we’ll Master Your Inner Critic and connect with Your Inner Wise Woman so she can take the lead from now on. 

You’re designed to Play Big and do work that is meaningful to you. It’s just that, more often than not, your Inner Critic has convinced you to fear the things that will bring you the most satisfaction, fulfilment and joy. 

Let’s turn that around. Your Inner Wise Woman will guide you to your big work and the exact steps to accomplish it. 

Life’s short, be sassy. 


Katrina Hahling