Big, life-changing decisions + how to make 'em

There are times in our lives when we are forced to make big decisions. For our own health and sanity or because we’re out of a job and need to decide what’s next. Because we’re ready for a new challenge or we crave something more.

Here are some of my favourite tools for big decision making.

  1. JOURNAL IT OUT. My favourite tool to help me work through big decisions is to journal it out. I did a live-stream journal class on this. Check out the video and learn this tool by clicking here.

  2. FEEL INTO IT. I love using my gut and my body as a decisive tool. Sometimes our thoughts can get in the way and be all angsty and over-analytical. Trusting the instinct of your body can really help. Never done this before? Here’s an introductory video sharing one way to use your body as a decision making tool.

  3. DON’T OVERTHINK IT. One of the things we over-thinking, analytical, stressy types like to do is think, think, think. In particular when it comes to making a BIG DECISION …. we spend time dwelling on the PATH NOT TAKEN. Ie. If I choose to leave this job, what future reality will I miss out on - the future where I stay in the job.

    You will never know.

    You’ll never know.

    Just make your decision and put your all behind it.

    Don’t overthink it.

    Once you make your decision a weight will lift and the solutions and answers will line up before you. The ‘how’ and the where will arrive at your feet.

Let me know what you’re making a big decision on by dropping me a line here.

Life’s short, be sassy,


Katrina Hahling