Self-Worth is an Inside Job, Baby

People can whisper sweet nothings, how beautiful, how intelligent, how courageous, how creative you are.


Men can lose their minds over you and gift you their hearts.


Women can hold your hand and be your best of friends, singing your praises.


Love can pour it’s precious song all over and around you.


You can win awards & accolades.


You can win the affection & attention of children.


You can travel the world, you can fall in love, you an give and give and give and give..


But if you do not give value, worth and love to yourself first;
NONE OF THIS, nothing will truly touch you.


Self-worth is an inside job. 


The moment you reach in, give inward and see this - the richer your world becomes.


When you finally come home to you and awaken to receiving all the love you give away.... You finally get to feel alllll the LOVE in the world.


You finally get to feel all the LOVE you deserve. 

Write your way home,





Katrina Hahling