Quit Wishing and Start Acting!

I'm a firm believer that thoughts create reality. Our thoughts become our beliefs. Our beliefs dictate how we respond and react to the world. 

I love Derek Rydall's definition,

A belief is a composite of thoughts that form a specific paradigm, like one of those filters on the end of a pasta maker that determines the shape of the pasta that comes out.

So I always say this is great to know. Because, we can change our thoughts. If we can change our thoughts we can ultimately change our beliefs and alter the shape of the pasta we are creating. Great news right? 

How do we change our thoughts? There are so many tools, NLP, Tapping and journaling to name a few. So we can work on the inner - affirmations and changing our internal world and beliefs, but..... 

changing our thoughts and our beliefs alone does not create change in your life.

There's another REALLY IMPORTANT step to creating change in your life. 


Taking action aligned in your dream/goal/purpose whether you belief you can do it or not, whether you have affirmed enough or journaled enough takes you into forward motion. It gives you feedback so you can continue moving towards your desires. So you can take a step forward, look at the results and see what you need to alter and what you are doing well. 

This action also creates the belief in yourself and creates the results you are hoping to see. 

So  you can't just sit back, wait and listen. "if you're waiting to have all the details, to know all the directions, or to be sure that where you're heading is the right path before you act, you'll be waiting forever." Derek Rydall.

Action is key to success. 

If you don't act, it's like standing at the bottom of a mountain and wishing and hoping that you'll climb it. You actually have to put one foot infront of the other to get up the mountain. 

What is something you've been dreaming about creating, doing, asking someone about or for that you've been putting off until you're ready/smart enough/ have enough courage/are better/have more money....

I challenge you to take action towards that today and see what happens.

While there's magic in thoughts, beliefs, affirmations and prayer - the real magic is in taking action. Before you're "ready" and see what appears.

Do you need help taking action?  Let's connect. That's what I'm here for! I'll help you move forward.

Write your way home,



Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

Katrina Hahling