Your Purpose & your Gifts

Your Purpose & Your Gifts have been under your nose all your life sweet heart, you've just been looking the wrong way. 

It's what comes to us with so. much. ease... so much that we DISCOUNT IT because, well, this couldn't be a gift, could it? It's too easy? 

We DISCOUNT IT because, it's so damn easy it happens TO US and THROUGH US and we can't fathom how on earth it's possible to CHARGE MONEY for this precious gift of ours. This gift, that, we don't yet see as a gift. 

Here's my story on PURPOSE and GIFTS, the story my life has been breathing, dancing and calling through me without my conscious awareness  - until now. 

What I'm about to tell you is what I came here for. 

This is my gift to the world. 

This is my gift to the world, except, it took me 32 years to get here. To this point, here right now. But it was all worth it. 

See, I've waited tables since I was 17.  I've been an open book, a listening ear, a patient shoulder and for YEARS (like nearly a decade) I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why some 50-something year old lady was telling me her LIFE STORY while I had ten dishes stack on one arm and four in the other. 

Now, I don't mean to seem ungrateful but this happened to me in Townsville, it happened to me 150kms west of Alice Springs, it happened to me in a restaurant on a hiking track along Queen Charlotte Sound NZ, it happened to me in London, it happens to me everywhere I go.  

People tell me things. 

They tell me things and then say, 'I've never told anyone that before.' 


' I don't know why I'm sharing this,'  after they've sharing an intimate detail about their life. 

I was always, I AM ALWAYS, grateful for these interactions. Grateful for the trust these strangers have had in me with personal details of their lives. 

It's just, I've never known what to do with these details beyond accepting them and appreciating them in the moment. 

Perhaps this is enough.

Of course this is enough.

But, as it were, this is my gift. 

One such occasion, in a restaurant overlooking the water in New Zealand, a professor of Psychotherapy was dining with his wife and struck up a conversation with me that carried on through their entree, mains, desserts and finished with him slipping a tenner into my hand at the end of the night and advising me that I should study psychotherapy.

For years I thought I should do that - so interested am I in human development, behaviour and the mind. So much reading I do on the topic of my own accord, listening to podcasts and watching of YouTube Videos. 

I keep going back to it - should I study Psychology? Psychotherapy? 

Who knows? 

I kept looking at courses. 

Kept looking at other people. 

Looking TO other people for advice. 

When, my gift was under my nose all along. 

I don't need to become a psychologist or psychotherapist to help people. I've been doing THAT all my life. 

All I need to do, is  stand up and own my gift and share it freely with the world. Share it with world and OWN IT as a gift, as being of value. 

Partner that  with my capacity for empathy, my passion for journaling - writing and reflecting on life and my insatiable curiosity (and follow through on research) and VOILA!  You get what I now do.

I help women change their lives for the better. I help women become their own best friend and counsellor by sharing the tools and techniques I've used to improve my own life. I share my own lessons and findings that create intuitive wisdom, insight and understanding that can be applied to their own life story. 

So, I ask you today to back and listen to the story your life has been singing through your every move and decision.

What is it that comes so naturally to you that you don't even perceive it as a gift? 

Find a way to give THAT back to the world and that's your purpose baby.

Write your way home,