Why Gabrielle Bernstein wrote a book on judgement

Judgement, judgement, judgement.....

I'd be lying if I said I didn't judge others and myself and so would you.

We all engage in judgemental behaviour. It's a  pain-inducing habit that reinforces our separation. Gabrielle Bernstein recently released a book, 'The Judgement Detox' because she saw what Judgement was doing not only to her but to others. 

In an interview with Lewis Howes, Gabby speaks about how judgement impacts our lives; 

// blocks your power

// blocks your connection to relationship to higher power, to intuition, capacity to attract

// impacts our relationships

// keeps us small

// keeps us stuck in a low vibe

Judgement comes from the moment of separation.
— Gabrielle Bernstein

Separation from who really are - the oneness, the light, the connectedness. When someone makes you feel inadequate, when someone makes you feel "less than", when you feel different, alone, better than, worse than. All of these are moments of separation that become thoughts that we keep thinking and we develop that separation by thinking over and over again. 

"The wound from this separation is something that we run from all our lives," says Bernstein. Judgement is how we run (one of the ways we run, like addiction). Avoid feeling our deep rooted feelings and we use judgement in the same way. Seemingly we feel better for a moment in time. 

We project out what we do not want to feel within and that becomes an addictive cycle. Putting it out that we want to feel it and then we unconsciously feel guilty. 

Overcoming judgment

As always, in the moment, I advise you to take three deep breaths and observe. Witness the thoughts and processes.

When you have time, ask yourself some questions, get your pen out and analyse; 

1.What or whom am I judging?

2. How does it make me feel?

3. Am i justified in that judgement?

4. Is there a situation in your past that has triggered this judgement? 

5. Is this true? 

6. Can you release this now? What will you need to do in order to release this trigger/feeling/judgement? 

7. Who do you need to forgive to let this go? 

8. What do you need to let go?

Write your way,


Ps. For more information and full process, get your hands on Gabby's book.