3 ways to shake a comparisonitis funk

Tackling a bout of COMPARISONITIS? It's alright - we ALL DO IT. 

We all fall victim to the comparison bug from time to time. Often Comparison comes with voices that tell us we don't measure up, we aren't enough as we are. 

"She's doing so well, I'm not." 

"They've got such a beautiful family and they seem so happy but I'm still single and my life is a mess." 

"She's got so much confidence, I wish I could walk into a room like her." 

I'm sure you've got some gems of your own. 
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Next time you're struck by these nasty thoughts - I invite you to take three deep breaths and observe your thoughts. What are they ? What's coming up for you? 

When you get a chance, I invite you explore the meaning behind your Comparisonitis. You know, the part of comparing yourself that is making you feel belittled, ashamed, jealous. 

Explore what that means by asking some of the following questions; 

1. Why am I feeling X? 

2. Is this something that I want to pursue (their lifestyle/health/relationships/whatever has got your knickers twisted)

3. Is this something I actually desire but have been denying myself? If yes, are there ways you can introduce this into your life? 

4. If you have been denying this in your life or your desire -- why? Where did this come from? What was the root cause? Did someone tell you when you were little that artists don't make any money so you stopped painting while studying economics? What's the cause? Is it true? (really true?) 

5. Are you measuring yourself against your own Yardstick? Or are you measuring yourself against someone else's map for life? 

6. Write about and create your own ideals. What do you expect/hope for yourself? Use this to measure yourself against. ALSO - remember not everything in life goes as planned. You may have to revisit and readjust your Ideal as time passes and that's completely OKAY. 



1. GRATITUDE - Nothing shakes a bad mood or lackful thinking like a good old Gratitude rant. Write it, list it, flow it, think it, say it out loud. Acknowledge and appreciate everything that you have in your life. Everything that you ARE. This will always shake you up into thinking about your abundance and sufficiency. 

2. LIST YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS - spend some time reflecting on what you have already achieved - big and small. Again, this will shift you from lack to sufficiency. 

3. WRITE ABOUT YOUR IDEAL. Reaffirm what it is that you want for your life and what you will measure yourself to. 

Write your way, 


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