How to LEAN IN to your EMOTIONS

// Feel It //

Lean IN.

We have to feel what’s coming up for us.

We distract ourselves by “doing” in myriad ways;

// social media (raising my hand here!! I’m scrolling for something unknown... because what needs to be made known is within me)

// TV

// surfing

// hiking

// working


// seeking out friends

// generally being busy

// what’s your distraction method of choice ???

But, but, but

When we suppress thoughts or emotions they come back with a vengeance. Scientists have studied this. The results are in. This is Fact.

We have to feel what we’re feeling; allow it time to shine so it can fall away gracefully.

Lean into what you’re feeling.

Explore it.

Feel it.

Then watch as it miraculously dissipates along with its control on you. 

So -- here's some tips on leaning in; 

1. As you go through out your day, pay attention to what you are feeling and acknowledge. 'I am feeling Angry'. Keep in mind you are a human having an emotion. You do not become your emotion. Eg. I am Angry - as often as you can focus on shifting your thinking away from being an emotion to being a human having an emotion. Note what this shift brings up for you. 

2. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can be alone and undisturbed, sit with your eyes closed. Focus on your breath. Ask yourself, 'What am I feeling,' allowing whatever comes up to arise - even if it is tears. Begin to label or name what you are feeling. Sit here. With all of these feelings. 

3. Write to your emotions - engage, for example, anger in a discussion on the page. What does Anger need to say? How can you work with Anger? What does Anger need? Promise Anger you'll be a better listener from now on, rather than hiding from it or suppressing it. 

Write your way,