It's safe for you to TAKE UP SPACE IN THE WORLD [a rant]

It's safe to take up space in the world.

It's safe for you to speak up, say no, say what you really think and feel.

It's safe for you TO BE HERE. (on this EARTH, in that office, in that job, on the beach wherever the heck you are! You're SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! Shit you beat all the other sperm to the egg and you made it through the birth canal do you know the odds of that???!!)


It's safe for you to commit to and follow your dreams.

It's safe for you to be strong and empowered.

It's safe for you to create a life that is deeply meaningful to you and loaded with purpose and passion. IT'S WHY YOU BEAT ALL THE OTHER SPERM TO THE EGG IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I get sooo effin' frustrated when I see young women (in particular) playing small.

The ones who speak with a little wafty bird voice and every sentence ends with an upward inflection as though asking a question when not really asking a question.

The ones who stand with rounded shoulders.

The ones who let the man order for them at the restaurant and don't say a peep.

The ones who don't speak up and don't say no and don't say what they really think and feel.


Why?! Why it bothers me so. damn. much????

Because that used to be me.Heck,some days IT STILL IS ME. Why else would it frustrate me if it wasn't IN ME?

I've been that girl...

too scared to make a decision because it might not be the right one so I would let other people decide for me.

too scared to say no in case that ruffled anyone's feathers.

too nice to say what I really think and feel.

apologising for taking up space

apologising for existing in the way I hunched my shoulders, kept quiet, didn’t make a number of myself. ‘Be nice.’

Well, fuck that.

I want GIRLS AND WOMEN (myself) to stand in their power and say no when they mean no.

To speak up - in solid, weighty voices that mean business.

To stand tall - shoulders back and head up facing the world with courage, tenacity and pride.

To follow their dreams and hearts - to create movements, build businesses, change the world.

To have lots of money and have power of their money so they can create more, express more, help more, do more, be more.

and I'm on a mission to create this for myself and LEAD OTHER WOMEN HERE TO.

To a life of freedom, joy, empowerment, creativity and self expression.

It's a sisterhood thing. I rise - you rise. Just like the Rebecca Campbell's book RISE SISTER RISE. I'm here to champion you on.

I know you're here to champion me on too.


Katrina Hahling