I see you

Yeah you, sitting there behind your screen.

I see you and your discomfort.  I see the knot in your chest and the anguish in your empathetic eyes.

I see you and all the decisions that could have gone another way. All of the minute choices you made that lead you further and further away from yourself. 

The minute choices (this hat instead of that, this word instead of that one,  choosing silence over speaking your mind, studying something because it was what your parents wanted...) that took you closer to an image of what you thought others wanted you to be. Closer to an image of 'perfection' Whatever the hell that look likes in  your eyes -- the girl who gets up early, who does her exercise, eats well, agrees with her partner, studies well, does well at school, who has a 'good life' and is a 'good person.' 

I see you. 

I see you dying a slow death from the inside out as those minute choices betray your self in order to please others. As you turn grey inside. 

I see you falling slowly into a world not of your making, except,  you did  make it. 

You made it by submission. 

I know you feel that pain or you wouldn't be reading this. 

But I also see the compassion, the heart, the love, the passion the spark in you. That verve and zest for life that will see you break down the walls you've built for yourself and reassemble them in a way that not only pleases you but makes you shine. The dreams and ideas that fascinated your imagination as a child. 

Right now you don't know where to start, where to go. Busy looking outside of yourself for answers. 

Here's your answer: Your answers are Within. 

You just have to CONNECT. 

Connect and Listen. 

Don't know where to start? Join Flow Writers for LiveStream videos and journaling prompts to help you CONNECT. 

With heart, 



Katrina Hahling