Australia Day, Two Rivers and YOU

Gobsmackingly  - and to my continued disdain of our education system -  I didn’t learn the truth of our country’s history until I was in my second year of university studying land law.

I learned THE FUNDAMENTAL belief differences that mean our two cultures will always find it difficult to live together.

Here it is: 

The British conquerors believed ( & continue to believe) that the LAND is here for our appropriation and use. 

While Indigenous Australians view/ed country or land as a part of them. They are here to protect earth, to nurture it. They can never own it or lay claim to it. They are caretakers. 

(Did you know they are among some of the earth’s oldest living culture dating back some 60,000 years? Because they lived in tune with country. Sustainably.)

How then, can these two cultures live side by side both thriving when the British arrived and imposed their beliefs, their laws, their ownership onto the land and the existing culture? 


Thinking of this duality reminded me that, 'as within, so without.' If there is such big division in our country, there is most certainly big division with ourselves. How can we heal this so we can heal our internal reality? 

My current answer, the same as for the situation in our country, is EDUCATION. Learn.


 Learn voraciously and apply the lessons. 


Duality. When part of you wants something and another part is preventing you. When you 'self sabotage' (I did a livestream on this the other day, head to Flow Writer's FB group to find it. 

How can you educate yourself so your two internal rivers can become one? 

Whip out your pen and paper, here are some questions inspired by Teal Swan. 

- What  do both of the voices have to say? Ask one at a time and let it speak

- What needs to be healed/heard/held for each voice? 

- How are both voices working FOR YOU? 

- How can you have both voices working in UNISON for you?

Can you see the wholeness in the duality? Although it's felt like two voices on either side of the fence, all parts of your self are working to preserve you and keep you safe, whole, secure, unharmed. 

Write your way,


Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Katrina Hahling