Your answers for you, You're welcome!


Don’t know what to be when you grow up?

Don’t know what your purpose is?

Don’t know what to do next?

 I call bullshit.

And you know what? 


I don't have all the answers for you like I promised in the title..

But YOU DO. 

Deep down, you know. You know AND You ALWAYS have known. 

You're just letting other voices get in the way. Read: Fear, doubt, limiting beliefs... lies.

But here’s the truth

You get to choose.

Here’s the key to that sentence – YOU GET TO CHOOSE.


In every single moment, in every single situation – even if you don’t feel it is this way – you have a choice. You get to choose. Always.

So why are you running around trying to fill yourself with quick fixes, trying to quiet that inner voice with social media, books, conversation, alcohol, junk food, tv?

What you really need?

Where the answers lie?


In your heart.

Right there.

Walking around with you every moment of every day.

Your heart.

Keeping you alive and speaking to you in quiet gestures.

If only you could silence the noise.

If only you could say no.

No to distraction.

No to procrastination.

No to friends (from time to time)

No to alcohol.

If you could sit still, be with your heart.


If you would listen.

Really listen.


Your answers, your meaning, your purpose, your next move, your next choice? It’s right there.

Just ask and Listen In well.

Your heart is always speaking to you. 

So pull out your pen and paper and let it speak to you. 


From my dear heart to yours,