Focus, change + SPOTS!

I remember the days when I used to look in the mirror and cringe. Another spot! Why?? Why am I thirty years old with the worst skin of my life? Now, there are different levels of bad skin and some people will look at photos of me from this time and disagree that my skin was 'bad'. Although I think you'll find it difficult to find too many photos of me from this time. 

So. I had bad skin for a while.  Spots around my cheeks and jawline that were always white and pussy, or red and sore and often a combo of both. It was embarrassing. I felt ashamed, I tried to hide so people wouldn't see me. It wasn't fun. I'm sure you can relate to this right? Even if you've only ever had ONE spot in your life you KNOW this feeling. 

One day, I decided that was it. I was going to have clear skin damn it! 

Here are the three main steps I took to rid myself of bad skin forever ;

1. I decided. I decided I was going to have good skin once and for all and that was it. 

2. I sought help from an expert. A beautiful woman I know gives facials including micro-dermabrasion. She took loving care of my skin once every three to four weeks. 

3. I told myself I had good skin. I would stand in front of the mirror and tell myself (outloud and in my head) that I had great skin.  I would write in my journal every day about my clear skin in a myriad different ways. 

4. I took daily action. I was never that into cleansing and moisturising my face. Now I do. Every day. Sometimes with fail but hey, we're all human. 

GUESS WHAT? Within two months my skin was clear and it still is. 

Yes, I still get spots from time to time and no I don't still get a monthly facial. 

Hey, I'm human. 

Write this process down and apply it to an area in  YOUR life you want to change. 

A great writing tool to HELP SPEED UP THIS PROCESS is to CAPTURE A MOMENT. Write about a moment in the future when you have lost the weight, got the job, cleared up your skin. Capture that moment in brilliant detail. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How do you feel (inside and out)? What can you see? What can you smell? Most importantly, enjoy the process. 

Psstt..... the photo of me #nofilter #nomakeup #justme #clearskin #idecided

With heart, 


Katrina Hahling