Do you notice your words?

In my work as a journal muse – teaching women how to use writing as therapy – I've become accustomed to listening. In between bouts of writing and different activities, we often share our experiences. It is here that I became acutely aware of the correlation between people's words and their worlds.  
Someone who is having a rough time, a down patch, will use words like can't, not, no, shouldn’t. Phrases like, 'I couldn't do that,' 'I couldn't believe they did that to me.' 'How could this be happening to me?' 'I couldn't do that.' 'They have a problem, not me.' 
Those in a better headspace, who are doing well? Tend to use words like can, yes, sure, I'll do my best. Phrases like, 'I listened and really tried to understand.' 'I'm really happy that he's doing so well.' 'This is great!'  'I am really enjoying myself.'  'I learned a lot'.
Notice the difference? 
Words create worlds. Of this I am certain.  
Have you ever stopped to listen to your own words and reflect on how they are creating your world? Are you aware of the words you use on a regular basis?  

Are they creative or destructive?  

Positive or negative?  

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With heart,