Listen in

You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say. ~ Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

This morning I became aware of a frustration. A deep-seated agitation. A boredom. 

A stirring beneath the otherwise calm waters of my being.

My rational mind went into 'fix it' mode. 

Maybe we need something spontaneous? 

Maybe we need a hike?

Maybe, maybe, maybe trying desperately to patch over the problem. To fix it. 

When we get into solution mode, we avoid sitting with the problem, sitting in the emotion. We are avoiding listening to our hearts. Listening to what is going on beneath the false exterior. 


As inclined as I was to call it a day and go for a wander in the forest... a deeper part of me instructed that this is exactly the time one writes. 


So write I did. 

If you want to know the journal technique I used to get myself out of frustration/agitation/itchy feet and into excitement, spontaneity and joy... send me an email! 

You can't escape your heart. 

It's within you.

You are so much better off listening to it. 

By the time I'd written five pages of dialogue with my heart, I knew what it was I really needed to do. 


 It wasn't running away for adventure; that's a band-aid attempt. That's a quick fix.

It was doing what my heart most desires: write.

What's your heart telling you right now?? 

Are you listening? 

With a big, juice, full heart, 



Katrina Hahling