Seeking, solstice, your answers lie within

All the answers you seek exist already. 

They are not in another online course. 

Not hidden between the pages of a self-help book or  your Facebook Feed. (Trust me, I've tried looking for answers there for years!) 

Your answers are not in affirmations (as great as they are).  


Your answers already exist. 

You just can't hear them because you're so busy grasping outwards.  

Trying to find the answers.  

Filling your void with courses, study, food, parties and anything else that you can find.  


Which, in fact, only fills the void with pointless noise.  

Noise. Noise. Noise.  

Not answers.  


Your answers exist.  

Trust me.  


Your answers are being whispered by your soul, daily.   

But that's the thing about our souls.  

They speak in whispers.  

The voice of discernment does not scream and yell.  

No, no, that's our friend FEAR.  

(False Evidence Appearing Real).  


See FEAR likes to carry on.  

Because fear is, well, afraid.  

What do we do when we are startled in the



We yell.  

We scream.  

'Watch out!' 

'What was that?!' 



Fear doesn't really know any other way to speak.  

Fear tends to carry on SO extravagantly, SO loudly that he drowns out our discerning voice of soul.  

How do we turn the volume down on Fear?  

We sit still.  

We breathe.  

We listen well.   


What better time to do so than winter solstice?  

Today is the shortest day of the year.  

Winter is well and truly here and what better space to tuck up with a hot water bottle, a journal and pen some words on paper.  

What better time to snuggle up and listen... 



To have  chat with your inside people.  






Here are some questions for you to ask of your higher self... your soul... <3  

What do I most need to hear right now?  

What is the one most important action I can take today?  

What is my highest value right now. 

What do I most need to learn?  

With heart,