Nuns, habits and... prostitutes?

A trickle of water slides down the passenger window  

sluggishly like the morning traffic in lanes beside me.

On the curb stiletto heels  

black pleather,  4 inches catch my eye. 

Her back to me yet easily i see black makeup

sliding down her cheek...

her cheek worn like an outdoor settee

in far north Queensland sunshine  

beaten by the sun, the rain and the sun again.


The traffic before me surges forward;  

no faster than the drip snaking down my window.  

My eyes peel from the lady of the night   

fingering clothes in a second hand store  

to the whites of a holy woman

walking by her.

Head to toe she is covered, down to her thongs  

in clean, pressed white.   

Her habit covers head and reminds me, once again  

'Practice makes habit'

 and oh, how our habits  

Create our reality.  


What we do day in and day out lines up to create our lives.  

Here's a fun activity to show you if your life is aligned with your values.  

Take your journal and some quiet time to reflect...  

What do you VALUE? What is important to you in your life?  

Forme it's family, friends, my time, words, writing, travel, adventure, good food, good wine, laughter, creativity, sharing. As a few examples

Once you have listed a handful of values, I invite you to answer the following questions

In an average week, where do you spend;

Your time

Your money

Your energy 

Now cross check where you spend your time, energy and money with your values. Do they align?  

Take a moment now to write a reflective paragraph. This might include an action step or action steps if your values did NOT align.  

Remember, what you do every day is the life you are creating and who you are becoming.  

With heart,