By candlelight; writing & ritual

 Writing, just like prayer, yoga or a morning routine can be likened to ritual. Similar to creating an altar to pray before or rolling out a mat for yoga you can create sacred space for writing. 

In fact, I invite you to do so and watch how your practice changes. 

The ceremonial use of light is familiar to most religions, faiths and beliefs. Be it candles, fire, or the rising and setting of the sun. Light, fire, like all elements is seminal to ritual.

I often light a candle before a journaling session.  

The candle light, to me, symbolises illumination, energy and life force.  

Lighting a candle also adds to a sense of ritual around the writing process.  

It's also a beautiful bookend – light the candle before you write, blow it out when you finish.  

I love simple rituals, simple activities.  

Next time you write, why not try a candle or incense?  

If your candles are scented or you choose incense – there's a whole set of reasons to delight your olfactory system while you write.