The F Word

We all have it. 

We all know it. 

The F Word. 

Yep, you guessed it, I'm talking about


The voice that whispers, sometimes throbs or even yells.

“who do you think you are?” 

“what if people laugh at you?” 

“what if you aren’t good enough?” 

Fear has stopped me from doing things I really wanted to do. 

Where in your life is fear holding YOU back? 

\\ writing that book? 

\\ telling that man you love him?

\\ quitting that job? 

\\ taking that trip?

Here's something I learned about fear through journaling --- fear is there for a purpose. A reason. Often that reason is just down right ridiculous and out of place. It comes from old places and different times. 

I've also learned that Fear likes to be acknowledged. 

Cuddle up to your fear and have a chat... here's how: 

grab your journal and answer a few questions;  

  1. Bring to mind a certain situation that brings you fear. Really feel that fear. Notice where fear sits in your body. How does it feel? Notice the weight, texture, temperature, colour, size. Is fear inside your body or outside? Maybe it expands from the inside out. Take some time to describe fear in your body.  

  2. Now that fear as a size, a shape, a weight, a PRESENCE, I invite you to dialogue with fear. (This takes some creativity and imagination but roll with me here… and you’ll be surprised). Fear can have a monologue or you can converse… Here are some conversation starters;  

              \\ 'Why are you present, fear? What do you need to say? 

               \\ ‘How can we work together?’ 

When you’re done, re read what you’ve written and take time to write a reflective paragraph. As you read, notice what arises for you, notice your somatic experience (what you feel in your body). Notice if there are any action steps you can take.  

Fear still got you tangled in a knot?

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Katrina Hahling