Got a case of the Not Enoughs? (cultivating worthiness)



Solitary confinement.  

Voices that whisper, 'You haven't done enough' 'You never do enough.' ' You're not smart enough to do this' , 'You're not pretty enough..' 

Sound familiar? 

If the onset of Christmas and the end of the year is sending you into a lil bit of a tailspin... 

Here are four practices I call on when I've got a case of the 'not enoughs' 


 It's been my experience that the not enoughs can often arise when we check ourselves against the wrong measurements. See, we grow up with ideas about how our lives SHOULD BE and when we don't measure up this to idea we diminish and devalue ourselves. I invite you to challenge the ideas and maps you hold about your life and ensure that you are measuring yourself up to your own standards. One of the easiest ways to do this is to know and get in touch with your values. (I made a great FREE PDF about that you can download it here)


The not enoughs stem from focusing on what IS NOT. What hasn't been done, what is incomplete, how you fall short. So, get out your journal and write down everything that you ARE, everything you bring to the table and everything you HAVE achieved/accomplished/finished. This often shifts me out of a funk rather swiftly. 


The not enoughs are the result of thoughts. Thoughts compile to create beliefs. Get out your journal and inquire....

a. What am I believing here? 

b. What wants or needs attention and acceptance right now? 

Often you'll find there are emotions that need to be held and accepted so you can shift out of the not enoughs. 


Often when we're down in the dumps of 'not enough' we are navel gazing. Yep, we're so focused on ourselves that I've found it helps to get out and help others. Not only will you make others feel good there's scientific proof that altruism makes the helper feel better too. 

Now, being of service or helping others, can come in many forms. Get creative! One of my favourites is writing letters of gratitude. 

Write your way,



Katrina Hahling