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About Mentoring

Are you ready to become your own best friend? 

Are you ready to see how radically different your life can be if you supported yourself and spoke kindly to yourself? 


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Who is Katrina Hahling?


Hi! *waves*

I'm Katrina Hahling. I spent the first 25 years of my life in serious self doubt. The voices in my head would constantly pick me apart and pull me down.

I was a striver at school because that's how I gained attention. I looked to EVERYONE ELSE to help me make decisions.

On top of that, I knew from an early age that I didn't want a traditional life - marriage, kids etc. I wanted to travel and have an awesome career.

What I DIDN'T KNOW was what that career would be.

As you can imagine, picking a career path is difficult for someone who is so lost that they can't even pick their own lunch.

I wound up in situation after situation that didn't make me happy because I thought I 'should', I 'ought to' or I simply put other peoples priorities above mine.

The last straw came when I found myself in a situation that just wasn't me. It hit me like the proverbial tonne of bricks. I was without work, freezing cold and I felt utterly trapped. I was crying quietly at night on the bathroom floor so my boyfriend couldn't hear me.


I worked with a coach and got clear on my CORE VALUES. I worked out my non-negotiables. I learned to love myself. I learned to stop that negative voice in my head.

I vowed never to get that low again. Never to betray myself that much again.

Now I use all my own personal experience, plus yoga training, journaling tools, meditation and more to help women just like you get out of their heads and into their lives.

We work together in a 1:1 format to create real and lasting change in your inner world that reflects to outter world.

That can look like; more money, a new job, healthier relationships, generally feeling happy and well.

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